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The current list of mailbag delivery points (MBDP).

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Department Building Room Number MBDP Contact Name Phone
Academic Policy Services Building 102 Room 1:33 Crawley Campus M456 Lidia Cuoco 2145
Admissions Building 352 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M353 Lisa Cowell 7365
Aged Care Research & Evaluation Unit Building 658 Ground Floor M716 Dimitris Matsakkidi 1277
ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions Building 106 1st Floor Crawley Campus M201 Pam Bond 3858
ARC Plant Energy Biology Building 211 4th Floor Crawley Campus M316 Geetha Shute 4436
Archives Irwin Building Building 274 Room G:10 Crawley Campus M022 Christina Garnett 3885
Arts Multimedia Centre Building 106 Room G:35 Crawley Campus M206 Adem Kerimoski 1696
Audio Visual Building 238 Room G:02 Crawley Campus M093 Terry Coe 7947
Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG) Building 224 Room 273 M600 Irene Neskudla 3300
Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesia Studies Building 103 Crawley Campus M363 Liam Prince 93606991
Australian Institute of Marine Science Building 453 3rd Floor Crawley Campus M096 Louise Scott 63694000
Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Building 861 Room G:21 Claremont Campus M421 Rosslyn Feast 2081
Berndt Museum Building 104 Basement Crawley Campus M255A Sandy Toussaint 3854
Biomedical Research Facility Underwood Avenue, Back of Field Station M720 Geraldine Stewart 6606
Brand Marketing and Recruitment Building 658 1st Floor Crawley Campus M360 Courtney Brown 5563
Burn Injury Research Unit Building 344 Room 1:06 Crawley Campus M318 Hilary Wallace 8597
Business Information & Technology Services Building 658 2nd Floor Crawley Campus M463 Susan O'connor 2354
Business School (Dean's Office, Faculty)* Building 441 Room 2:78 Crawley Campus M252 Lynne Brown 2950
Business School (Economics) Building 441 Room 1:10 Crawley Campus M251 Maryann Evetts 1760
Business School (Financial Studies) Building 441 Room 2.07 Crawley Campus M250 Vicky Karagiannis 1047
Business School (Management and Organisations) Building 441 Room 1:208 Crawley Campus M261 Tracey Taylor 3923
Business School (Marketing) Building 441 Room 2:212 Crawley Campus M263 Helen Reidy 5663
Business School (Undergraduate Student Centre) Building 441 Room G:50 Crawley Campus M254 Marjory Harvey 2803
Business School Post Graduate Student Centre Building 441 Room G:34 Crawley Campus M404 Rabecca Light 8167
Campus Management 55 Broadway Street Ground Floor Crawley M458 Leonie Williams 2023
Campus Management - Workshops Building 238 Room G:05 Crawley Campus M403 Brendan Scott 1958
Campus Management Cleaning Services Building 352 Room G:138 Crawley Campus M301 Val Twynham 2004
Center for Rural and Remote Oral Health (CRROH) Building 344 Room 1:05 Crawley Campus M498 General Inquiries 93467322
Center for Social Impact Building 190 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M098 Ami Seivwright 7240
Centre for Anaesthesia Skills and Medical Simulation (CASMS)Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre Building 344 Room 1:06 Crawley Campus M306 Reshma Fernandes 8590
Centre for Clinical Research in Neuropsychiatry (CCRN) - Graylands Hospital K Block (Gascoyne House ) M708 Philippa Martyr 93476705
Centre for Energy Building 224 Room G:50F Crawley Campus M473 Dongke Zhang 7600
Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT) Building 861 Claremont Campus M429 Moo Lim 3539
Centre for Exploration Targeting Building 272 Room 1:13 Crawley Campus M006 Haley Newberry 6794
Centre for Genetic Epidemiology and Biostatistics 50 Murray Street 5th Floor??? ???? M409 Claire O'malley 92240280
Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analyis (CMCA) Building 245 Room 1:71 Crawley Campus M010 Dana Crisan 2770
Centre for Neonatal Research and Education A Block Building 574 Princess Margaret Hospital for Children M551 Di Arnott 93401208
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS) Building 453 1st Floor Crawley Campus M053 Lisa Melvin 7318
CLIMA ( Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture ) Building 405 Room G:142 Crawley Campus M080 Sue Dodimead 1973
Department - Medicine - Queen Elizabeth II Medical Center 'QQ' Block 521 Harry Perkins Building QE II M503 Michael Jenkins 61510833
Deputy V Chancellor Community & Engagement Building 102 Room 1:41A Crawley Campus M476 May lan Lee 2453
Deputy V Chancellor Research and Innovation (Deputy VCRI) Building 102 Room 1:59 Crawley Campus M460 Bernadette Ferns 2460
Development and Alumni Relations Building 108 1st Floor Crawley Campus M361 Hanna Vuko 4215
Digital & Creative Services Building 658 First Floor Crawley Campus M434 Grant Malcolm 2024
DUIT Multimedia Building 245 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M016 Wendy Sanderson 3917
ECM Student Office Building 224 Room G:02 Crawley Campus M054 Ros Wisenthal 3061
Education Centre Building 658 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M515 Vivien Alexander 6884
Education, Fine Arts and Architecture (EDFAA) Library Building 682 Room B01 Crawley Campus M430 Fiona Alexander 1961
Educational Futures Building 103 Room G:27 Crawley Campus M401 Jay Chinnery 4686
Emergency Medicine - Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre 'R' Block Building 514 Room 2:42 QE II M516 Roz Jaworski 93464354
Energy Minerals Institute Building 102 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M475 Vicki White 8529
English and Cultural Studies, Communication Studies, Women's Studies Building 106 Room G:35 Crawley Campus M202 Nicky Brabham 2063
Environmental Systems Engineering Building 222 Room 1:16 Crawley Campus M015 Lorraine Dorn 3701
Experimental and Regenerative Neuroscience (EARN) Building 345 Crawley Campus M317 Michael Archer 1476
Faculty ECM, Finances and Staff Resources Team Building 190 3rd Floor Crawley Campus M472 Nadira Jahabar 8119
Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Building 681 Room G:06 Crawley Campus M433 Jane Bisschops 1881
Faculty of Arts Building 106 Room G:22 Crawley Campus M200 Shana Davies 7207
Faculty of Education Building 682 Room 2:29 Crawley Campus M428 Michelle Tuson 2388
Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Building 223 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M017 Megan Inkpen 5328
Faculty of Law Building 351 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M253 Jennifer Rhodes 2995
Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Building 405 Room G:120 Crawley Campus M082 Cora Castens 4717
Fathering Project 861 Claremont Campus Claremont Campus M439 Caroline Dolan 3182
Finance and Resources Office Building 102 Room 1:31 Crawley Campus M467 Bianca Babenko 2490
Financial Services 55 Broadway 1st Floor Crawley M449 General Enquiries 8777
Fremantle Hospital (Alma Street, Fremantle) Alma Street, Fremantle M704 Siska Hocking 94313229
Future Students (Director's Office) Building 658 1st Floor Crawley Campus M355 Jillian Anderson 1852
General Practice N Block Q 1st Floor M706 Pauline Jackson 93467504
General Surgery M Block Building 502 Room 2:27 QE II M507 Hollie Downie 93462146
Geraldton Universities Centre 33 Onslow Street, Geraldton M710 Callan Johnstone 99204400
Global Learning Office Building 352 Room G:02 Crawley Campus M352 Marian Hogan 4295
Government&Corporate Communications Building 102 Crawley Campus M477 Jo Higgins 2802
Graduate Research School Building 103 Room G:13A Crawley Campus M358 Allan Caldwell 4761
Guild and Commercial Sites Building 329 Room G:27 Crawley Campus M300 Darryl Sanders 2296
Harry Perkins institute of Medical Research QQ Block 6 Verdun Street QE II M519 Warren Raymond 61511041
History (School of Humanities) Building 106 Room 1:20 Crawley Campus M208 Grace Ryan 7350
Human Resources 55 Broadway Street Nedlands M350 Doreen Pensio 7481
Information Governance Services Building 655 1st Floor Crawley Campus M427 Debra Paisley 3019
Institute for Child Health Research (ICHR) Building 575 Room 1:20 Princess Margaret Hospital for Children M560 Angela Purkiss 94897777
Institute of Advanced Studies Building 274 Room G:15 Crawley Campus M021 Claire Bowen 1340
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Building 658 2nd Floor Crawley Campus M468 Lisa Randell 1252
International English Language Testing System Building 682 First Floor Crawley Campus M438 Calista Curran 7287
International Skills and Training Institute in Health (ISTIH) Building 861 Room G:06 Claremont Campus M359 Dermot Patterson 6851
iVEC@UWA Building 245 Room G:08 Crawley Campus M024 Charise Baker 8740
Large Animal Facility (LAF) Building 416 Room G:01 Crawley Campus M094 Astrid Armitage 7961
Law Access Building 351 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M249 Dominique Hansen 5683
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Building 104 Room 1:02 Crawley Campus M001 Donna Greenwood 3977
Mail Room Building 655 Room G02 M999 Dennis Artemis 3035
McClusker Centre Building 653 Room G:03 Crawley Campus M398 Neysa Cloonan 7873
Medical and Dental Library Building 499 Room G:01 QE II M511 Karen Jones 93467296
Medical Centre Building 329 2nd Floor Crawley Campus M319 Sharon Almeida 2118
Medicine - Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) MRF Building Room 4:221 Royal Perth Hospital M570 Violet Faure 92240260
Medicine and Dentistry (FacultyOffice) Building 344 1st Floor Crawley Campus M501 Olwyn Trimble 8500
Medicine and Dentistry, Faculty of (DeanandExecutiveOfficer)+ Building 499 Room G:01F Crawley Campus M500 Betty Hart 93463928
NETU 10-12 Parkway Street Crawley M005 Eileen Glynn 3013
Office of Research Enterprise Building 102 Room 1:46 Crawley Campus M459 Irene Heystek 4260
Office of the University Secretary Building 102 Room G:52 Crawley Campus M456A Lyn Hill 3002
Opthamology (Lions Eye Institute) - AA block Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre AA Block Ground Floor QE II M517 Chris Whitelock 93810703
Orthopaedic Institute, Hollywood Hospital Verdun Street Gate 3 M652 Ann-marie Langtry 93866211
Orthopaedic Surgery - Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre 'M' Block M Block Building 502 Room 2:33B QE II M508 Leanne Hall 93463213
Paediatrics UWA - Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Roberts Road Subiaco 4th floor Princess Margaret Hospital for Children M561 Rosamund Iddon 93408606
Pathology - Queen Elizabeth II Medical Center 'M' Block M Block Building 502 Room 1:2 QE II M504 Brendan Butel 93462499
Performance Analytics Building 102 1st Floor M452 Hanh Tran 3725
Perth International Arts Festival Building 657 Room G:03 Crawley Campus M418 Peter Liacopoulo 8611
Perth USAsia Centre Building 351 3rd Floor Crawley Campus M265 Janeen Robertson 4320
Pharmacology - Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre 'M' Block M Block Building 502 Room 1:39 QE II M510 Succorin Fernandes 93462987
Pharmacy Building 345 Room G:08 Crawley Campus M315 Susan Pretl 7500
Phillips and Father (Photography and Framing) Building 329 Room 1:03 Crawley Campus M299 Ian Phillips 8507
Playce Group Building 658 Ground Floor M707 Hayley Christian 8501
Podiatric Medicine (School of Surgery) Building 661 Room G:29 Crawley Campus M422 Aggie Bouckley 4521
Population Health Research Network Building 344 1st Floor Crawley Campus M320 Helen Pelusey 63897300
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), Office of the Building 102 Room 1:32 Crawley Campus M466 Susan Harbers 4689
Pro Vice-Chancellor Research Building 103 Room G:25-31 Crawley Campus M460A Keryl Peirce 3583
Psychiatry (UWA) - Hollywood Hospital Building 224 Room 273 M650 Kathy Lucas 93474200
Psychiatry (UWA) - Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre 'D' Block Building 505 Room 1:32 QE II M521 Helen Moran 93462446
Psychiatry (UWA) - Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), Ainslie House 48 Murray Street Perth Level 3 Royal Perth Hospital M573 Stephanie Gee 92240290
Psychiatry (UWA) - Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), MRF Building MRF Building Room 3:32 Royal Perth Hospital M571 Stephanie Gee 92240290
Raine Medical Research Foundation Building 572 Room 38010 M651 Lyn Ellis 93869880
Raine Study 12-14 Parkway Street Crawley M410 Jenny Mountain 6952
Reid Library Building 139 Room G:22 Crawley Campus M209 David Thatcher 2326
Risk and Legal Building 102 Room 1:08 Crawley Campus M461 Hanh Tran 3725
Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS) 184 Hampden Road Nedlands M307 Angela D'castro 63898600
Rural Clinical School Broome 12 Napier Tce Broome M722 Andrea Chi 91943240
Rural Clinical School Kalgoorlie (Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital) St Albans Road, Kalgoorlie M709 Anette Barnes 90225666
Saint Catherines College ( Stirling Hwy Crawley) Building 122 Crawley Campus M437 Vyonne Walker 94420400
Saint Thomas More College (Stirling Highway, Crawley) Building 123 Crawley Campus M425 Joel Chander 93860120
School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Building 401 Room G:036 Crawley Campus M089 Deborah Swindells 2539
School of Anatomy Physiology and Human Biology Sth Building 346 Room G:10 Crawley Campus M311 Heather Morton 3303
School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology Nth Building 344 Room 1:05 Crawley Campus M309 Vicki Wallis 3288
School of Animal Biology - North 40 CSIRO Underwood Avenue Shenton Park 2.32 M085 Tom Stewart 2528
School of Animal Biology - South Building 420 Room 1:19 Crawley Campus M092 Diane Bee 7662
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Building 211 1st Floor Crawley Campus M310 Janice Pheonix 7351
School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering Building 224 Room 2:01 Crawley Campus M051 John Pougher 7158
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) Building 241 Room 1:31A Crawley Campus M002 Yvette Harrap 2281
School of Dentistry/Oral Health Centre of Western Australia (OHCWA) Building 500 Room 3:01 QE II M512 Padmavath Kannan 93467638
School of Earth and Environment - South Building 238 1st Floor Crawley Campus M087 Sandra Hamersley 7257
School of Earth and Geographical Sciences - North Building 225 Room 1:09 Crawley Campus M004 Marvic Weeratunga 2666
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Building 226 Room 1:52 Crawley Campus M018 Karen Kader 3106
School of Humanities Building 106 Room 2:46 Crawley Campus M204 Grace Ryan 7350
School of Indigenous Studies Building 349 Room G:01 Crawley Campus M303 Sabrina Swift 7647
School of Mathematics and Statistics Building 190 4th Floor Crawley Campus M019 Tania Blackwell 3342
School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Building 224 Room 2:01 Crawley Campus M050 John Pougher 7158
School of Medicine and Pharmacology Harry Perkins South Fiona Stanley Hosp M582 Kerry Somers 61511150
School of Music and Callaway Centre Building 142 Room 1:10 Crawley Campus M413 Philippa White 2054
School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Royal Perth Hospital, MRF Building Lv 2 M576 Martin French 92243277
School of Physics Building 245 Room 4:03 Crawley Campus M013 Lee Triplett 3477
School of Plant Biology Building 405 Room 1:120 Crawley Campus M084 Barbara Jamieson 1782
School of Plant Biology - South Building 409 Room G:17 Crawley Campus M090 April Harris 2206
School of Population Health Building 687 Room 1:05 Crawley Campus M431 Sue Batchelor 1261
School of Psychology Building 347 Room G:02 Crawley Campus M304 Peggy Gan 3572
School of Social Sciences Building 351 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M257 Ines Bortolini 2101
School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health Building 444 Room 1:01 Crawley Campus M408 Karen Mau 3510
School of Surgery M Block Building 502 Room 2:41 QE II M509 Belinda Seymour 93462150
School of Surgery Harry Perkins South M581 Mellanie Ottens 61511151
School of Women's and Infants' Health - King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEM) Building 574 Room 2:12 King Edward Memorial Hospital M550 Marg Donaldson 93401330
Science Student Office Building 405 Room G:134 Crawley Campus M083 Fiona Burt 1757
Sciences Library Building 446 Room 1:01 Crawley Campus M312 Katie Mills 2327
Security Operations Building 108 Room G:20 Crawley Campus M411 Michelle Moore 1229
St Georges College Building 124 Crawley Campus M417 Bindu Achattil 94495555
Strategy and Planning Building 102 Room G:18 Redirect to M461 M451
Student Administration Building 352 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M356 Rebekah Saunders 1544
Student Central Future Students Building 352 1st Floor Crawley Campus M355A Rhiannon Bear 7960
Student Information Management System Project (SIMS) Building 352 Room 2:211 Crawley Campus M009 Dinnah Alam 3803
Student Support Services Building 329 1st Floor Crawley Campus M302 Diane Egan 2401
Surgery - Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), MRF Building MRF Building Room 2:221 Royal Perth Hospital M572 Liz Doyle 92240228
Switchboard Building 658 1st Floor Crawley Campus M020 Dot Curtis 2377
Taylors College Study Group 2 Claremont Campus First Floor M440 David Berry 64621344
The Confucious Institute 1 Claremont Campus Room G01 M712 Sophie Xie 6888
Trinity College ( Hampden Rd Nedlands ) Building 120 Crawley Campus M436 Jenna Madureira 94239423
Unicare Building 451 Room G:03 Crawley Campus M406 Valerie Marsh 2204
Unicredit 80 Broadway Street Nedlands M399 Michael Papapetros 93891011
UniPrint (Campus Shop) Guild Comm Building Rm 1:28 M700A Deborah Bolton 64882297
UniPrint (Production Facility) Building 620 M700 Joanne Robbins 64888796
University Club Building 158 Room G01 M800 Catherine Kelly 8770
University Field Station (Shenton Park) Underwood Avenue, Shenton Park M703 Michael Blair 6683
University Hall Building 460 Room B:01 Crawley Campus M426 Melissa Rajkovic 92733372
University Theatres Building 143 Room G:07D Crawley Campus M416 Georgina Cramond 2691
UWA Albany 35 Stirling St Albany M701 Veronica Dayman 98420888
UWA Building Services (Furniture) Underwood Avenue, Back of Field Station M721 Paul Durling 6777
UWA Early Learning Centre Building 682 Room G:02 Nedlands Campus M513 Maria Kakasoulis 5300
UWA Geraldton 167 Fitzgerald Street, Geraldton M702 Leanne Tucker 99560202
UWA Graduates Association/Convocation (UWAGA) Building 108 1st Floor Crawley Campus M362 Juanita Perez 1336
UWA Historical Society Building 106 Room G:48 Crawley Campus M212 Fran Pesich 0417 178 275
UWA Ocean Institute Building 453 5th Floor Crawley Campus M470 Jenny Gilbert 8116
UWA On Terrace 133 St Georges Terrace Perth M578 Eilin Mangan 92639811
UWA Publishing Building 653 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M419 Kate Pritchard 8565
UWA Sport and Recreation Centre Building 131 Crawley Campus M412 Helen Goodall 2111
Vice Chancellery Building 102 Room G:27 Crawley Campus M464 Audrey Burfield 3500
Vice Chancellery Cultural Precinct Building 653 1st Floor Crawley Campus M464B Peir Leach 3613
Vice Chancellery Project Office Building 108 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M464A Cassie Davis 7550
Visitors Centre Building 102 Room G:44 Front Crawley Campus M474 Terry Larder 2447
WA Audit of Surgical Mortality (WAASM) 184 Hampden Road Nedlands M308 Biana Azzam 63898650
WA Centre for Health Ageing 48 Murray Street M577 Christanne White 92242993
WA Herbicide Resistance Initiative (WAHRI) Building 401 1st Floor Crawley Campus M086 Lisa Mayo 7870
Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) MRF Building Level 6 Royal Perth Hospital M575 Fiona Mackenzie 61510700
Western Australian Marine Science Institute Building 409 Ground Floor Crawley Campus M095 Linda McGowan 4573
Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute A Block 4th Floor QE II M518 Randi Molgaard-angel 93462818