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Calculator policy


Further information

Calculators must not be programmable or have graphics functionality or Bluetooth networking capabilities.

It is important that you engrave your student number on your calculator in case of loss.

Staff from faculties outside EMS wishing to request that an additional machine be verified and included in the list should contact the EMS Student Office giving details of that machine. 

If you need any assistance, please come to the EMS Student Office.

Don't forget, you can purchase pre-approved/pre-stickered calculators from the Co-Op Bookshop.

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Programmable calculators, graphics calculators and calculators that have the capability to communicate with other devices are not permitted in UWA tests and exams.

All students must have their calculator stickered as an "Approved Calculator" before using it in any tests and exams. You can purchase pre-approved/pre-stickered calculators from the Co-Op Bookshop on campus. Or, if you already own a calculator, the first step is to check to see that it appears on the approved calculators list below:

If your calculator appears on the list, the next step is to take it to have an "Approved Calculator" sticker attached to it. Calculators without the Faculty's "Approved Calculator" sticker cannot be taken into any examination or test. These stickers cannot be removed and placed onto another calculator.

Where you can obtain your sticker

Note: This applies to students in engineering courses, mathematics courses, computer science and applied computing courses, and to students in the Faculty of Science. Other students must comply with procedures required by the relevant Faculty.

To obtain your sticker you can go to one of the following offices: