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Supplementary assessment


Further Information

University-wide rules concerning the circumstances in which supplementary assessment (supps) are awarded to students came into force in 2007.

This summary contains particular reference to effects on students in the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS).

  1. Faculties determine whether supplementary assessment are available for any student with a mark of at least 45% in level one units for which the faculty is responsible. No supplementary assessments will be available for EMS units. However, EMS students taking units from a faculty which does allow supplementary assessments will be eligible for them in these units.
  2. Students who fail, with a mark of at least 45 per cent, a unit which is at that time the only unit required to complete the course will be awarded a supplementary assessment regardless of the level of the unit. 

(a) Supplementary assessments will only be granted for a unit failed in a student's intended final semester, not final year.

(b) In most cases supplementary assessments will be granted to students within six points of completion, not twelve.

(c) There is no restriction on the number of times a unit may be failed before a supplementary assessment is granted.

Note that supplementary assessment is not available for Master of Professional Engineering Design Projects and Engineering Research Projects.