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The Science IT Contact Centre is manned from 8:00am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  

Email: it-science@uwa.edu.au

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2999

Online: Self-service portal. This portal posts your request directly in to the support queue. Use your UWA ID (staff/student/visitor number) and Pheme password to gain access.

Information about the computing environment in the Faculty of Science, including policies, facilities and help available to staff in the Faculty.

Our IT staff work as a team to support the needs of the schools, centres and the undergraduate teaching environment across the Faculty.

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Service catalogue

The Faculty of Science IT Service Catalogue contains a written statement of the IT business services, default levels and options for which FNAS IT is responsible.


The purpose of the Service Catalogue is to:

  • provide a clear picture of all the  services for which Science IT is responsible
  • encourage a clear understanding of what can be expected from those services
  • provide a scope for managing the Science IT infrastructure that is aligned to the Faculty of Science and UWA business and research requirements.

Service definition

A Faculty of Science IT Service is defined as a set of IT infrastructure processes, technologies and solutions which enable the ongoing business of the Faculty.

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Mission statement

The Faculty of Science IT Staff will manage the IT infrastructure including:

  • desktops
  • student labs
  • servers
  • network hardware
  • software deployment
  • strategic planning and systems development for the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, its schools and centres.

Faculty of Science IT aims to deliver reliable, secure and flexible services for its staff and students through standardisation of hardware, network infrastructure and base operating environments, while continuing to explore avenues to fulfil user requirements.

It also aims to provide the staff and students of the Faculty with an environment that exploits information technology solutions to enhance their overall experience, aiding improved output and results for all users.

The Faculty of Science requires a diverse delivery of IT into its research, teaching and administrative areas.

The IT solutions deployed within the Faculty will be overseen by the Faculty Management Committee, and decisions of policy will be referred to this Committee.

Decisions of policy will be in alignment with the University and Faculty Strategic Plans and will aim to reduce risks identified in the Faculty Risk Schedule.

IT Policy will enhance the overall IT environment and will progress the delivery of IT solutions for the Faculty and its staff and students.

SCIENCE IT will work with the broader University community to provide a progressive, cooperative Information Technology environment, ensuring consistent, equitable distribution of available services to all users.

In preference to service duplication and further devolvement of services, SCIENCE IT will seek to employ (where suitable and cost-effective) existing solutions to problems already successfully delivered in other areas and will make its own solutions available where these will be of benefit the wider University community.

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Use of IT resources in the Faculty of Science

Any use of computing facilities or resources within the Faculty of Science implies compliance with the policies outlined below and with all other relevant laws and University regulations.

UWA computer and software use regulations

The UWA Computer and Software Use Regulations outline the University policy in this area. The regulations form a part of Section D of the University Calendar.

Faculty of Science network and internet access regulations

The Network and Internet Access Regulations apply to all staff, students and visitors to the Faculty of Science.

Science security policy

It is the responsibility of each staff member, student and visitor to the Faculty to ensure the data sources in their care are not compromised, and that their level of protection is not diminished.

These data sources include but are not limited to the computers, laptops, networks, software, mobile and data storage devices that each individual may use in pursuing the day-to-day business of the Faculty, independent of their location or ownership.

Protection of these devices includes

  • physical protection against loss, theft, damage or abuse
  • data security practices against malicious or unintentional access
  • system maintenance and updates, for protection from known threats and compromises.

Minimum standards for hardware and software

The Faculty has adopted a minimum standard for both hardware and software for use on its networks. This is to ensure the best possible security and compatibility is available for all staff and students on the network, and to ensure that no user is disadvantaged in this regard.

Standard operating environment

A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) was adopted in November 2004. This SOE requires that all new computer purchases share a common hardware platform. This allows a highly featured software and operating system to be deployed and ensures a solid platform on which to progress the IT environment within the Faculty.

Science has chosen to base its SOE hardware specification around the Hewlett Packard Business Desktop and Notebook computers available to the University under the UWA Preferred Supplier Agreement. It is a requirement that all computers purchased for use on the Science network are selected only from the models available under this agreement.

IT staff can advise which system will best meet the needs of staff and students, depending on their application requirements.

Other UWA policies, regulations and statutes

A summary of relevant UWA IT Policies.

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