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Plant growth facilities (PGF)

The Plant Growth Facilities provide various growth environments and related equipment for carrying out experiments under controlled conditions.

Use of the Plant Growth Facilities (PGF) is available to all staff and students of The University of Western Australia, including collaborative research programs, providing that there is available space. 

  • Users are responsible for the planning, implementation, maintenance and successful completion of projects conducted in PGF.
  • You will interact frequently and directly with PGF Staff.
  • Academic supervisors are responsible for the organisation and supervision of their students activities.

All first-time users of the PGF are expected to make sure that they are familiar with PGF policies and procedures, and that they ask PGF staff for help when unsure of correct protocols.


  • 17 Glasshouses evaporative cooling systems and some heated. Some houses are designed for specific purposes, such as trace element, entomology or plant pathology research. Please advise staff of any specific needs when booking
  • Highly controlled environment facilities, including:
    • 6 Phytotrons (Controlled temperature, natural light glasshouses (± 1° C))
    • 12 Controlled Environment Rooms (Regulated photoperiod, temperature and in some rooms, humidity)
    • 5 Controlled Temperature Rooms (Regulated photoperiod, temp.)
    • 2 PC2 Phytotrons for growing genetically modified (GM) plants
    • 1 PC2 Arabidopsis room
    • 1 PC2 Controlled Environment Room
  • Root Cooling Tanks
  • Shade-house space
  • Open-air benches under bird-exclusion netting
  • The services building also contains:
    • A covered and air-conditioned preparation area
    • Balances
    • Ovens
    • Root washing facilities
    • A grinding room with a ball-mill and other grinders
    • A cold room
    • Soil pasteurising/steaming facilities
    • Soil sieving and mixing equipment
    • Trolleys
    • Soil drying rooms
    • Limited storage

Most facilities have mains water, de-ionised water, compressed air and general power outlets.

More detailed information on the growth rooms.

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