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Contact the Unit Coordinator If you have any queries or suggestions. 

The Science, Research and Discovery course (IMED4501/4502) provides an important opportunity to investigate a research problem in depth.

You will work in partnership with experienced researchers from UWA, associated Institutes and some community-based organisations.

The unit consists of a research project that fourth-year students undertake to learn about the research process and how to critically analyse scientific research.

It offers an opportunity to investigate an area of interest in depth. Half-a-day a week (nominally Friday afternoon) will be allocated for the project over the academic year.


Students select their projects in 2nd semester 3rd year in the IMED3312 Unit. Other students that require projects at the beginning of 4th year should contact the IMED450 Unit Coordinator for assistance.Supervisors may suggest projects at any time during the year and available projects are posted online

Students typically work in groups of three. Supervisors may suggest projects involving more or fewer students but students that wish to work in groups of more than three will need special permission from the project supervisor and the Unit Coordinator

Learning outcomes

Successful completion of the course will enabe you to:

  • describe the scientific process and its importance in the progress of medical discovery and the practice of evidence-based medicine
  • formulate hypotheses to answer specific questions about an unanswered scientific or clinical question
  • critically evaluate scientific literature as it relates to an unanswered scientific or clinical question
  • experimentally test specific hypotheses and use valid statistical tests to verify results
  • prepare a written report of the results of a research study and to format the report to contemporary scientific journal standards.

Knowledge, skills and attitudes

On successful completion of this unit, the broad learning outcomes are in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

You will learn how to describe and discuss the main steps in a research project.

Using your new skills, you will:

  • write a project proposal
  • collate, critically appraise, integrate and write a review of the literature as part of your report (including non-journal sources)
  • effectively communicate with University staff and others contacted during the project
  • demonstrate independent research skills including finding reading and evaluating the literature
  • work effectively in a group
  • demonstrate independent thought.

You will also value high-quality research and appreciate the value of that research for decision-making in government, non-government organisations, medical practice and/or the community.

This unit is taken over two semesters and parts 1 and 2 must be completed to fulfil the requirements of the unit.

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