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Peer observation of teaching

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Schultz, K K and Latif, D
The Planning and Implementation of a Faculty Peer Review
Teaching Project
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2006; 70 (2) Article 32

Faculty acceptance of and satisfaction with the peer review process is attributed to the development and implementation process being faculty driven and to peer reviews not being required for promotion and tenure decisions.

Faculty members who were reviewed stated that the process was helpful and insightful and would lead to better teaching and learning.

Good teaching is essential to the success of our students.

Peer observation of teaching sessions is gaining attention in universities around the world.

The objective is to develop excellent learning opportunities for students, by using feedback from colleagues who are themselves involved in similar teaching situations.

Feedback from students is already a routine aspect of academic life. SPOT and SURF are well established and they provide valuable feedback to teachers.

Peer observation of teaching will add an expert level of feedback and may also provide material for teaching portfolios and applications for promotion.

The model for our Faculty is based on a formative process, which involves several colleagues working together to develop methods of good teaching practice.

Peer review has been a feature of the research and publication aspects of university life for many years, so it is consistent that teaching should also be peer reviewed.