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Professor Paul McMenamin
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
The University of Western Australia

I decided that I would introduce it as training for the many tutors I employ in my role as co-ordinator of the anatomy curriculum. The participants acquired many useful teaching strategies from the workshop that they went on to successfully use in small group teaching units. I was very happy with the resultant effect on the outcomes of my unit. Its relevance goes far beyond bedside teaching for which it was initially developed.

Teaching on the Run provides quality workshops on teaching and supervision for clinicians.

Good clinical teaching and supervision is an essential part of the training of junior doctors. Doctors have usually not been trained in how to teach and supervise, but are expected to carry out these tasks, while working on the run.

Since 2001, Teaching on the Run has been delivered to more than 1000 clinicians and medical educators around Australia. Research from our workshops clearly shows that their confidence to teach and supervise effectively has increased significantly.

Workshops are designed for 12-16 participants and run for 2-3 hours. Each workshop uses a variety of small group teaching techniques including discussion, video presentation, small group work and reflection.

The workshops are:

The program, initially established for hospital-based clinicians supervising junior doctors, has now been extended to other health professionals including nursing and midwifery, allied health and veterinary science. Evaluation of the program has been excellent, with participants noting the program is relevant, enjoyable and improves confidence and skills.

  • The workshops are available to your group to implement, through collaboration with the TELL Centre.

This training has been rolled out around Australia and workshops are run in urban and rural areas.