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International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)

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The ISBN is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.

The UWA Library has been assigned a block of ISBNs by ISBN Australia for allocation to items published within UWA by staff of the University.

13-digit format

From 1 January 2007 all ISBNs must conform to the new 13-digit format.

When existing publications that have a 10-digit ISBN are reprinted, they are required to use the corresponding 13-digit format of their original ISBN. Note, this is not a new ISBN, but the same ISBN with a prefix (978) added and a revised final checking digit.

To obtain the 13-digit format for an ISBN which you were allocated prior to 2007, email help-repository@uwa.edu.au with your original ISBN.

Information on ISBNs

For all information relating to ISBNs, such as whether you need to have an ISBN for your publication, go to the Thorpe-Bowker website which provides information about ISBNs for Australia.

Applying for an ISBN

To apply for an ISBN please email help-repository@uwa.edu.au.

Legal deposit

All items published within UWA are required by law to be deposited with the following public collections:

International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSNs)

The Library does not allocate ISSNs. The Australian ISSN Agency provides information and application procedures for an ISSN.