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The UWA staff site provides easy access to information for new and current staff. This includes procedures and planning, Human Resources, the induction process, Financial Services, Research and Teaching and Learning, as well as details of facilities, parking and transport information, and all about UWA’s social side.

Bubble soccer

Further information

Casual Staff can sign up by emailing staffsocialclub@uwa.edu.au.

We organise social events on and off campus, where our members can connect with each other and make new friends across the organisation. Our aim is to help build a vibrant UWA community.


We are a non-profit club and all membership fees are used to support the Social Club and provide events and tickets at good prices to members. Membership is just $1.50 a week and can be deducted from your pay.

When you become a member of the Social Club, you can participate in a wide range of events that include family activities, sporting pursuits, cultural interests and just plain fun stuff!

You also get members only access to discounted tickets, gift cards and events not available to the general public through our special store.

To see photo albums of our past events and to subscribe to updates on upcoming events,  please like our Facebook group.


We?ll let you know about upcoming events by sending you an email from our mailing list.  We also post details of our events on our Facebook page, so you?ll always know what we?re up to. You can bring non-members to most events, at a slightly higher non-member price so we can cover our costs.  Feel free to bring your colleagues, friends and family to join in the fun.

2017 Calendar of events (To Be Confirmed)

  • Echoes - 3rd
  • Basketball - Wildcats - 10th
  • AFL Women's (Fremantle) - 26th
  • Sundowner - 24th
  • Paddleboarding/Kayaking
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast
  • Swan Valley Wine Bus Tour
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast
  • Fremantle Brewery Walking Tour
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast
  • Comedy Night/Dinner
  • Member's Lunch
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast

  • Escape Room
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast
  • Laser Tag
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast

  • Bushwalk/Pub Lunch
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast
  • Sport Event
  • Sundowner/Buffet Breakfast
  • Sailing
  • Birthday party
  • Staff Sports Fun Day
  • Supa Golf
  • Members Christmas Lunch
  • Christmas Carnival (Neat ideas)


Discounted Tickets

Don't forget to check out extra perks at our special store.

  • Cinema tickets
  • Rottnest Ferries
  • Adventure World
  • The Maze
  • Perth Zoo
  • Interstate Zoos and Theme parks