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Guidelines for submission of results

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All marks should be submitted as numerical results, taking the form of whole numbers out of 100, with the exception of pass/fail units, overall honours grades, continuing assessments, and the rare occasions where a mark is withheld.

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The correct grades to record these eventualities are discussed below.

Please note that a mark should be submitted for each student enrolled in a unit at the close of the teaching period, with the exception of those who have been granted a deferred examination where a grade of 'DE' will already have been recorded. No results should be submitted for students in this situation.

Grading scheme

An extract of the University's current grading scheme, as it applies to the submission of results by unit coordinators follows. A number of key points for staff to bear in mind when applying the scheme are set out below the table.

General results

Grade Numerical range Description
HD 80-100 Higher distinction
D 70-79 Distinction
CR 60-69 Credit
P 50-59 Pass
N+ 45-49 Fail
N 0-44 Fail
NA   Result withheld
UF   Ungraded fail
UP   Ungraded pass

Honours specific grades

Grade Numerical range Description
Assessment continuing
H1 80-100 First class honours complete
2A 70-79 Second class honours (Division A) complete
2B 60-69 Second class honours (Division B) complete
H3 50-59 Third class honours complete

Key points

  • All results are to be submitted as numerical results, except for those where a numerical range is not applicable, or for the overall honours result. In either of these cases the grade is submitted.
  • Honours co-ordinators should note that the honours grade is not calculated automatically in Callista, and needs to be submitted as the result of the zero point honours unit (entered on every honours students' enrolment and specific to the discipline studied) in the last semester of study.
  • The NA grade should be used only where a result is withheld pending completion of a piece of assessment or the outcome of an academic misconduct matter. It should not be used for non-attending students - the correct treatment of the latter case is presented below.
  • Apart from the comments regarding deferred examinations above, a result should be submitted for all students enrolled in a unit. Where a student is enrolled in a unit but has submitted no work a result of 0 should be submitted - these cases cannot be left blank or recorded with any other grading code.
  • Where a student has partially completed a unit's assessment, and no deferred examinations have been granted, or other arrangements made regarding late submission, a number representing the marks achieved should be submitted.
  • The importance of clerical accuracy and the checking of marks prior to submission cannot be over-emphasised. Aside from the work generated by the correction of inaccurate results, considerable distress can be caused to students by the need to amend their results.