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Frequently Asked Questions

The UWA staff site provides easy access to information for new and current staff. This includes procedures and planning, Human Resources, the induction process, Financial Services, Research and Teaching and Learning, as well as details of facilities, parking and transport information, and all about UWA’s social side.

Trouble with single sign-on?

If you're having difficulty with logging in through Pheme, you can try to:

If you're having difficulties with using Callista, check to see whether we've covered the answer here.


  1. Accessing Callista SMS and Staff Connect
  2. Problems with logging in to Callista
  3. Can I get training?

  4. What are Staff Connect and Callista Blue?

  5. Class Lists
  6. Uploading & Troubleshooting Upload of Unit Results
  7. Academic Records
  8. Person ID Groups
  9. 'DIY' (Do It Yourself) Reports

  10. Duplicate Person ID's
  11. Student Email Access after completing or discontinuing
  12. Problems displaying reports run in immediate mode from Callista webforms


1. Accessing Callista SMS and Staff Connect
  • It is necessary for all University staff who require access to Callista to apply for an account via the Self-Service Portal. Applications require at least 24 hours for processing once they have been received and a notification is sent to the user once the application has been processed. Prior to accessing Callista SMS/Staff Connect for the first time, all users must change their password in Pheme, the University's account management system. Your Pheme username and password are what you will use to login to Callista.  
  • To access Callista SMS, Staff Connect (and from there, 'Callista Blue') use the quick links.

2.  Problems with logging in to Callista

If you are experiencing difficulty logging into Callista, here are some possible reasons:

  • After too many incorrect login attempts your account will be locked, preventing you from logging into Callista. The lockout period is one hour, following which you will be able to log into Callista again. If you require immediate access please contact the Service Desk.
  • If you are seeing a blank screen or the screen flickers and closes rapidly after you login, you may be blocking pop-ups.  You will need to disable any pop-up blocking software which has been installed on your machine. It's usually easy to google how to do this for whatever browser you are using but if you're having trouble, consult your IT support person for assistance.
  • If you are trying to use 'Grey Callista and seeing a white box and not much else, it may just be taking its time. The speed with which webforms loads is related to your computer speed - and if there is a lot else happening at the same time (for example, you're starting up in the morning) it can slow things down.  It's worth waiting a little longer than normal to see if it loads.  Alternatively, try closing the session that isn't loading and trying again after a minute or two.
  • If you try to use 'Grey Callista' but your browser gives you a message about a 'plugin' being blocked, make sure you are not using Google Chrome.  If you're not using Google Chrome, check here for more information.
  • Occasionally the problem may relate to single-sign on.  Single Sign-On is used for Callista Web Forms and Reports and staffConnect. Please log in to Pheme as a staff member (you do not need to change your password) once BEFORE you attempt to log in to staffConnect or Callista SMS Webforms for the first time using Single Sign-On.  If single sign-on issues persist, you can use the links to the right to login.

3.  Can I get training?  Do I need training?

Whether you need training will depend on how you will be using Callista.  Roles which involve making updates to student or applicant records typically require you to attend training before you are able to have those roles granted to you.  For more information, see our Training pages.

If you'd like additional training, our Training Co-ordinator is available for training sessions.  Contact the Service Desk to book a session.  Before you do you might like to check out our range of online training materials - including our introductory guide for new users, Welcome to Callista.

4.  What are Staff Connect and Callista Blue?

Staff Connect is primarily an interface for viewing information, but is also used by staff to manage some processes online, such as approval for student leave and discontinuation and management of applications for changes to research candidature.  It's a more friendly, browser-based interface to our student information management system.  Most staff will only use Staff Connect, other users in central administrative sections or carrying out specific tasks will use the Callista SMS interface, known affectionately as 'grey Callista'.  

Staff Connect has a green theme and is sometimes called 'Green Callista'.  In 2012 a new user interface to Callista was introduced, known as 'Callista Blue' due to it's predominantly blue colouring.  Callista Blue is used mostly for Communications but also for functionality related to graduations.  Callista Blue is accessed by a tab on the Staff Connect menu.

5.  Class Lists

We're often asked the same set of questions about class lists.

  • If you are running a class list, tip number 1 is to make sure you are using the correct teaching period. There are more than 200 teaching periods to choose from so consult your handbook for the correct one before running your class list.  You should also note that class list reports, by default, will only return students who are currently enrolled in the unit. If you are searching for a list of students who have taken a unit which has finished you will need to tick the appropriate boxes in the Unit Attempt Status field.
  • If you've sorted a class list alphabetically and now you can’t find some of the name, surnames containing a lowercase prefix (such as 'von Bergheim') or punctuation (such as 'O'Neil') will appear at the foot of the list. If you extract the list to an Excel spreadsheet and then sort the list it will order the names correctly.
  • To check the numbers of students in a unit, select Unit Enrol Stats (ENRRC600) and follow the prompts to get overall student numbers. Choose output HTML and you can click directly on the class link which will lead you to Class List (INQRC005) to get details on individual students.

6.  Uploading & Troubleshooting Upload of Unit Results

For comprehensive information about uploading unit results and troubleshooting if things go wrong, you should check out the training materials, in particular the FAQ.

7.  Academic Records

The internal academic record available through Staff Connect & Callista SMS is only available for internal staff use. Students can view their details through Student Connect or order a formal Academic Record through Student Administration.  Academic statements, along with a range of other documents can be ordered online.

8.  Person ID Groups

Person ID Groups are a unique and powerful feature of Callista.  Users can create and manage groups of people by simply adding people to a list.  This 'list' can then be used for reporting or other processes which require monitoring a set of people.  It is worth finding out more about them because they can be extremely useful for tailoring standard reports to a specific group of individuals. 

9.  'DIY' (Do It Yourself) Reports

Comprehensive information about DIY reports - and other reports - is available in our training material.  We'd encourage you to read through this information and to have a go at doing some reporting.  If you need help, our Training Co-ordinator will be happy to assist, please contact the Service Desk to book a session.

10. Duplicate Person ID's

Each person with a record within the Callista data base has a single person ID which stays with them for the duration of their association with The University.  This includes students and staff.  For staff, it’s those staff who are Callista users or supervisors or examiners for research candidates.  If a person changes the nature of their association with UWA (for example, moves from being a student to a staff member who is a Callista user), they maintain their original Callista person ID.   Likewise, if a person has previously been a student at UWA and applies again at a later stage to study again at UWA, they must be processed using their original Person ID.  

There are lots of scenarios where individuals are created with a Person ID in Callista – so it’s entirely possible that someone you think is applying to UWA for the first time has a person record already.   Resolving the creation of a duplicate person ID can take up to three hours for Student Systems, so if you do create person records in Callista, please read the guide on how to do this carefully and please check before you save!   

11. Student Email Access after completing or discontinuing

The business rules which govern how long a student can retain access to UWA email accounts are set out in the Student Systems Client Space.

12. Problems displaying reports run in immediate mode from Callista webforms

If you experience the following error when using Callista SMS/Grey Webforms:"ERROR: Due to the presence of characters known to be used in Cross Site Scripting attacks, access is forbidden. This web site does not allow Urls which might include embedded HTML tags."

  • Determine what is set as your default web browser.
  • Log into Callista SMS with the default web browser.
  • Leave open all web browser windows or tabs that open when launching your webform, these need to remain open in the background.
  • Try using the webform functionality again, the windows and/or tabs you left open in the background, should help enable the functionality.