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Opening Oracle Webforms - Help

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If you're having difficulties opening Grey Callista this information might help.

Why do we have to have this page?

Grey Callista like many things we use on a daily basis, relies on a complex interaction between a browser, Java and the application itself so that it can run without having to be installed on your computer.  With that convenience comes complexity - and sometimes the interaction of all the components needed to run Oracle web forms requires adjustment. 


  1. Supported browser versions
  2. Recommended Java Version and Configuration of Java
  3. 'Active X' Blocking
  4. IE Compatability Mode
  5. IE11 - Things you can try

  6. Firefox - Things you can try

  7. Info for Mac Users

The following is deliberately not a step-by-step guide to resolving issues with running Grey Callista.  They are pointers which may help those inclined or able to investigate this themselves. Alternatively this information can be passed on to your IT Support person.


1. Supported browser versions
  • Supported browsers for Oracle Web Forms are Internet Explorer (IE)11 (32 bit) and Firefox.
  • You must be using 32 bit IE.  You may experience issues if you're using the 64 bit version of IE.

Special Note on Google Chrome:  You can no longer use Google Chrome to run Grey Callista.  Google Chrome 45+ no longer supports the Java Run-time Environment  (JRE) plugin that Callista needs to run.  Chrome will display the below image to indicate this.

JRE Plugin Not Supported by Google Chrome

IE11 (32 bit) and Firefox are the only browsers that are 'supported' for running Grey Callista.  This doesn't mean it won't run on anything else but if you're having issues and you are using a different browser please change to one of the above and see if you're still experiencing the problem before reporting it. 

2.  Recommended Java Versions and Configurations of Java
  • We suggest you use Java 7_72.
  • Whatever version of Java you using, it must be 32 bit.
  • Your Java security levels should be set to Medium.

 Java Version

Although there isn’t a hard and fast rule, as at time of writing (October 2015) if nothing else you try makes it possible for you to run Grey Callista, try changing your Java version as suggested above.

3.  'Active X' Blocking
  • If you are experiencing an issue where Grey Callista starts to load and then stops, sometimes with a message and sometimes not, this is probably Active X Blocking. Being blocked looks like the below, often with no option to allow or proceed.
Firefox Blocking IE Blocking
There are many reasons why this can happen – and most of the time it isn’t anything to do with the Callista application itself.  It’s a combination of factors like client machine configuration, the browser being used or the version of JRE installed on the computer.  It's frustrating, but there are things you can do to resolve it once you know what the problem is.  We've outlined them below for each browser.  

4.  IE Compatibility Mode
  • If you're using IE11 you should make sure you turn IE Compatability Mode OFF.

 IE compatability view

Use the information at this link to help you turn it off or contact your IT Support area for assistance.

5.  IE11 - Things you can try
  • Add the Callista URL to your Trusted Sites list.

To do this, edit the Site List and add https://*.sims.uwa.edu.au.   (You may have to ask your IT support person to assist you with this if you are not an administrator of the machine you are using).

Edit Trusted Sites 

  • Check your IE11 Active X blocking plugins are disabled via ‘Manage Add-ons’.
  • Make sure that only the Java Version you are using is enabled and that your ‘Helper’ plugins are enabled.

Manage Add-ons

  • Try clearing your browser connection cache by clearing the Browsing History.
Clear Browser Cache

6.  Firefox - Things you can try
  • Check your Add-ons to check that the appropriate Java “Plugins” and check to see if the Java Deployment Toolkit and the Java™ Platform Plugins are in the list and set to “Ask to Activate’
  • When you try to load Oracle web forms you may get a red icon in the top left hand corner – click it and you should get the option to ‘Allow’ JRE to run in the top right hand corner.  Choose Allow and Remember.
Allow and Remember

7.  Info for Mac Users
  • Check this page out for more information on how to manage exception site lists for Java on a Mac.