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The UWA staff site provides easy access to information for new and current staff. This includes procedures and planning, Human Resources, the induction process, Financial Services, Research and Teaching and Learning, as well as details of facilities, parking and transport information, and all about UWA’s social side.

Training Environments

Sandpit Training Environment

Staff Connect Sandpit Environment

Callista SMS Sandpit Environment

Student Connect Sandpit Environment

To login to Student Connect use one of the following Student IDs with the password connect.


This is the Training page for Callista SMS.  Here you'll find resources to help you learn how to use Callista. 

Training Resources

We have a large body of training material on a range of functionality, designed to help you to help yourself.  Due to copyrite constraints, the information is published in our Client Wiki Space and requires a PHEME login to access.

Coming soon will be online quizzes and video training guides, so watch this space! 

Training Environments

Our training environments, affectionately known as 'the sandpit', provide staff with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the look and feel of Callista SMS, Staff Connect and studentConnect - and to practice using them - without the worry of making mistakes which might impact on real student records. 

Any update of data in these environments will not be reflected in the live production system. The names of people in the data base have also been scrambled for security reasons.  You can't access the Staff Connect SMS or Connect Sandpits unless you have an account in the Callista production system, but you can login to studentConnect using one of the test numbers in the right sidebar.


It is mandatory to attend a training session training to carry out some specific tasks using Callista.  For these, we will contact you when you apply for access to schedule a training session.  Please note that you will not be granted access to do that particular task until you've had the required training.  A list of functionality for which training is mandatory is available on our Client Space.

Other in person training

We offer a range of in-person training as requested, email us to book an appointment. Normally we train people in our Training Room (Room 2201, second floor above Student Central) but if it's more convenient we can come out to your location.