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Improve your students' academic skills with STUDYSmarter.

STUDYSmarter is UWA's Academic Skills Centre. Our team has extensive teaching and research experience, which we use to help UWA students improve their study techniques, time management, writing, communication, English language, maths, stats and research skills.

You can direct your students to our workshops, events and online resources, and to individual support at WRITESmart and Maths and Stats Drop-ins. Join GETSmart News for if you would like to be included in regular updates on coming events. You are also welcome to come along to Language and Cultural Exchange events for postgrads and staff.

In addition, we take referrals for individual consultations, and requests for bespoke workshops, drop-ins and resources.

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Updated 5 Jul 2019

What we offer

Skills we develop

Faculty representatives

Referrals, requests and resources


We encourage you to direct students to our workshops and drop-ins in the first instance. You can also refer students for a consultation with a member of the STUDYSmarter team when you are concerned about their academic skills, and how these are affecting their academic performance and progression. For example, when you have serious concerns, you might refer them for advice on:

  • Academic conduct,
  • Academic performance or progression,
  • Study and time management,
  • English language, or
  • Maths, stats or other numeracy skills.

To arrange an appointment, complete Part 1 of the referral form below and give it to the student. If you would like them to return the signed form to you, let them know.

Students who have been referred can then simply call Student Success and Wellbeing Reception on 6488 2423, stating who referred them and the reason for their referral.

Please tell students to bring a completed referral form and a sample of their work, if relevant, to appointments.


You can request that we:

  • Provide a pop-up presentation in a lecture,
  • Develop custom resources for your students,
  • Facilitate a custom workshop,
  • Speak to your tutors about our services,
  • Assist with academic skills projects,
  • Organise a unit-specific drop-in, or
  • Sit on a working party or committee.

Contact your STUDYSmarter Faculty Representative to chat about our availability.


There are a number of digital and printed resources available:

Printed items can be found on in our Resource Area on Level 2 of Student Central (please let us know if you would like a large quantity). You can also embed digital copies and links in your LMS.

Contact us

STUDYSmarter is UWA's academic support team.

We develop students' writing, research, maths, stats, English language and other core tertiary study skills.

How to find us

We are located on Level 2 of the Student Central building. You can find us in the UWA campus map and the UWA staff directory, email us at studysmarter@uwa.edu.au, or call us through Student Success and Wellbeing Reception on +61 8 6488 2423.

Get in touch with the STUDYSmarter team

Siri Barrett-Lennard Siri Barrett-Lennard, Manager

Contact for STUDYSmarter strategic initiatives, team services and projects, English language strategy, bespoke services for the ABLE faculty.

Photo of Geoff Coates Geoff Coates

Contact for maths and stats services, workshops, drop-ins and resources, GETSmart News membership, bespoke services for the EMS faculty.

Photo of Catie Gressier Dr Catie Gressier

Contact for academic skills services, workshops and resources, MAP transition initiatives, bespoke services for the ABLE faculty.

Photo of Meriel Griffiths Dr Meriel Griffiths

Contact for public speaking skills, English language development services, AALL professional development, bespoke services for the EMS faculty.

Photo of Justine Maldon Dr Justine Maldon

Contact for First-in-Family and Broadway transition support programs, CARS project matters, bespoke services for the HMS faculty.

Photo of Adam Nicol Dr Adam Nicol

Contact for WRITESmart drop-ins, English language development services, MAP transition initiatives, bespoke services for the Science faculty and SIS.

Photo fo Sanna Peden Dr Sanna Peden

Contact for English language development services, LACE events and membership, bespoke services for the HMS faculty.

Photo of Jackie Raphael Dr Jackie Raphael

Contact for research skills services, GETSmart News items, embedding research, design and marketing, bespoke services for the ABLE faculty.

Photo of Ben Sacks Dr Ben Sacks

Contact for academic skills services, workshops and resources, academic skills video queries, bespoke services for the Science faculty and SIS.

On leave in 2019

Photo of Isabel Rossen Dr Isabel Rossen

On leave until March 2020.

Dr Fiona Burrows - On leave until January 2020.

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