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Fee for Service Policy

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Make sure you are aware of the Fee for Service Policy.

  1. Context
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  3. Terms and conditions


The role of the STUDYSmarter team is to:

  • develop, promote, provide and evaluate flexible learning support and resources for all UWA students
  • collaborate with UWA stakeholders to enhance student learning and inform policy
  • build links with the broader learning community to benchmark services and inform and maintain best practice
  • conduct research and participate in professional development to enable continuous improvement in the delivery and evaluation of services.

This role is largely provided through free services, including the Resource Area, a website, workshops, drop-in sessions and individual appointments. Additional funds are generated through the provision of a variety of professional services with any expenses arising from this service provision being offset against income earned.

Fees for service are established on the following basis:

  • recognition of the value of staff professional expertise
  • recognition of the real cost of staff time
  • recovery of non-salary expenses associated with the delivery of services (such as photocopying).

Net income generated by fee for service activities is utilised to:

  • engage additional staff as required
  • purchase resources that will enhance the delivery of information and services to students
  • undertake small developmental projects that are not funded from other sources within the University.


Academic units shall be charged a fee for all services delivered, based on recognised commercial practices and market standards including:

  • payment for real staff time
  • the recovery of all non-salary expenses remuneration.

All fees for service shall be reviewed annually in accordance with STUDYSmarter procedures.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the charging of fees by the  STUDYSmarter team for services delivered to clients.


Fee will be in accordance with the appropriate Casual Teaching Rates established by the University.

  • Basic Lecture – standard/generic lecture, workshop or seminar
  • Developed Lecture – discipline-specific lecture, workshop or seminar
  • Specialised Lecture – curriculum-based lecture, workshop or seminar


Fees for consultancy work (such as the facilitation of focus groups or the design of specialised online materials) will be negotiated with individual academic units.

The team does not charge for orientation and welcome sessions up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

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