UWA Staff



These official Faculty policies cover academic staff performance, assessment, overloads and honours classification.

Academic performance standards

This policy documents the minimum standards for academic staff in the Faculty to give clear and transparent guidance to all staff on the performance standards expected of them.


Academic misconduct

The Faculty Academic Conduct Advisor (ACA) is Dr. Lyndon While. The role of the ACA within the Faculty is set out in the Academic misconduct guidelines provided on the Teaching and Learning website.

Enrolment and classification

Entertainment Policy

  • In response to increasing queries as to what constitutes reasonable expenditure the FLT have developed an ECM Entertainment Policy.
  • The Faculty recognise that the provision of entertainment can result in significant benefits through engagement with staff, colleagues and stakeholders to further the University’s strategic objectives.
  • The policy has been developed with this in mind, and is designed to supplement UWAs existing policies, to provide clarity and a shared understanding of what constitutes ‘reasonable’ expenditure.
  • The policy recognises there will be exceptions and includes details of the approvals required for those exception.
  • The ECM Entertainment Policy was developed based on entertainment guidelines/policies from 10 Australian universities, including the Group of Eight.
  • Download a copy of the ECM Entertainment Policy and a copy of the ECM Enterainment Policy Summary.