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On this page you can find information about Plant Biology policies and instructions to follow

Casual employment 

For detailed information regarding casual employment please click on the hyperlink.

Travel bookings

  • All travel bookings are made through the Trobexis system. Username is your staff ID, password is your Pheme password.
  • The user manual provides detailed information on how to use Trobexis. If you experience any problems please contact Bonnie Knott on x2206.
Trobexis Manual [PDF, 2.9 MB]
Updated 4 May 2011

Information Technology

  • All IT related enquiries and requests should be directed to the FNAS IT Contact Centre.
  • Each of these methods assigns your job an incident number in the IT Service Desk:
  • Via Email : FNAS IT Service Desk
    Via Phone : x2999 FNAS IT Service Desk / Contact Centre
    Via the Web: Service Desk Self-Service portal. This portal posts your request directly in to the support queue. Use your UWA ID (staff/student/visitor number) and Pheme password to gain access.
  • The FNAS IT Contact Centre is manned by full time IT Service Desk and IT Support Officers during business hours, 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Student IT Frequently Asked Questions

Passwords, internet quota, webmail

Policies and Regulations

Important information regarding University IT and communications policies, computer and software use and regulations:


Enquiries regarding the purchase of software should be directed to pandy.dupreez@uwa.edu.au


Plant Biology vehicle policy and procedures

Postgraduate thesis submission and binding procedure

Student Allocations

Fourth year, honours and postgraduate students receive funding from the School of Plant Biology.

Postgraduate Webpage Profiles

All students are requested to create their own profile.