UWA Staff

Procedures and planning

The UWA staff site provides easy access to information for new and current staff. This includes procedures and planning, Human Resources, the induction process, Financial Services, Research and Teaching and Learning, as well as details of facilities, parking and transport information, and all about UWA’s social side.

Further information

  • University Governance
  • Information Governance Services
  • University Legislation

University staff must often perform specific procedures in line with our formal policies and guidelines.

The University also publishes numerous publications throughout the year for both internal and external audiences.

All staff should be aware of the processes for notification and management of hazards, near-misses, incidents, injuries and emergencies.
In the interests of managing and resolving complaints, we have provided an overview of the University’s commitment and approach to complaints, the principles of complaint resolution and the steps in the process, including policy, procedures and resources available to staff.
These are an essential part of University life. You can source help with your communications needs, from media releases to events and marketing, and from publishing/printing to protocols and policies
Student digital engagement
UWA staff have opportunities to engage with enrolled students via social media, email and other channels. The annual NODE survey is used to identify which emerging, communication and social channels students prefer to use.
Risk Management
To protect the University's internal and external risks, Risk Management brings together the activities of insurance, internal audit and risk advice and support.
Legal Services
Legal Services advise the Vice-Chancellor and other senior officers of the University in respect of the University's business and organisational affairs.
Planning and associated services

The University's Cycle of Planning and Accountability informs the process by which the Strategic Plan, Operational Priorities Plan (Pheme login required) and other management plans are developed.

The Institutional Research Unit conducts research to support institutional planning, policy formation and decision making.

The Statistics Office provides statutory and internal reporting of statistics on students and staff including UNISTATS and UWA in Brief.

The Publications Unit produces numerous official publications and documents to assist in the strategic planning and operation of the University, including the Handbooks and the Calendar.