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Bi-monthly Forums for 2017:

- Thursday 16 February
- Thursday 27 April
- Thursday 13 July 
- Thursday 7 September
- Thursday 16 November



The University Managers Group (UMG) is a leadership forum to support, engage, inform, develop and connect leaders at all levels of management across the University of Western Australia.

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UMG membership is available to all levels of management at UWA. This includes School Managers, Centre Managers, Faculty Managers, Directors, Associate Directors as well as Administrative and Team Managers. To join the UMG, add yourself to the mailing list. UMG Members receive invitations to the bi-monthly UMG forums, where they:

  • Actively engage with Executive members and Senior Leaders
  • Keep in touch with University initiatives
  • Share experience, knowledge and capabilities with colleagues
  • Develop robust professional networks
  • Take advantage of growth and development opportunities


All materials presented and discussed at UMG forums are made available to you as a resource:

August 2016

Leadership and Management Capability and Development Framework
Narelle Blaasch's presentation is available here. Please note that much of the content is still in draft.

June 2016

UWA Enterprise Agreement
Nigel Sanderson, Deputy Director, Human Resources, briefed the forum on progress and his presentation is available here.
Organisational and Professional Development
Narelle Blaasch, Associate Director of Organisational Development (OD) and Talent pointed out that OD at UWA is in the process of transforming its services and are currently undertaking interim steps on this journey. They will continue to engage with the UMG both to obtain input/ feedback on the services being developed as well as to present outputs.

A link to her presentation is available here as well as a link to the UWA Leadership  Development offerings.

February 2016

The University Managers Group (UMG) Renewal Proposal Feedback Submission.

This submission is intended to express the consensus view of the UMG that change is needed at UWA, while expressing the ideas and concerns held by this group as to what these changes might be and the process being followed to implement them.

The University Managers Group stands ready to be a Champion of Change, given that its ~250 members, operating at all levels of management across all facets of the University, have a collective vested interest in securing the University’s success.

Extensive feedback was received and, while the feedback provided in this document represents the views of many, it is important to acknowledge that not all members of the UMG necessarily agree with all views expressed in this document.

March 2015

“Leading Change Fundamentals” (professional development workshop)

May 2015

“New Leadership - From the Outside In” (senior leaders discussion panel)

July 2015

“Building Resilient Teams” (professional development workshop)

September 2015

“UWA’s Got Talent!” (professional development workshop and capabilities capture)

MIT Sloan [PDF, 349.8 KB]
Updated 10 Nov 2015

UMG Got Talent [PDF, 49.1 KB]
Updated 10 Nov 2015

Internal Networking [PDF, 1.3 MB]
Updated 10 Nov 2015


The UMG Committee (UMGC) is a committed group of UWA representatives whose mission is to deliver valued experiences to UMG members at every opportunity.

The UMGC is a volunteer group with a diverse range of skills, experience and expertise; united by a shared passion for supporting those in leadership roles to reach their full potential.

2017 UMGC members:


As prospective or active UMG members, your feedback is not only sought - it is necessary to ensure the UMG continues to deliver valued experiences to its members and contribute to the University’s strategic goals. Please provide any and all feedback to the committee members in person.  We welcome your input.